Hauling & Moving Services

Perfect For Residents In Bradenton, FL

Do you have random things around your home you need help moving? Are you looking to rearrange the house? Do you have a packed portable storage unit you need help loading or emptying? Did you have a last-minute move? Will the truck be outside without anyone to help you? Maybe you just need strong helping hands around the house?  Our hauling and moving services in Bradenton, FL can help with all that.

Junk Shot can provide the in-home moving help it takes to carry heavy furniture up staircases and through narrow halls. Reduce your exhaustion and let us provide you with an economical labor solution. We bill by the ¼ hr so, there’s no charge for time not used.

Save Money With Junk Shot

The hourly rate for professional movers might easily reach several hundred dollars. You can cut costs by renting moving trucks or portable storage units at affordable prices and by hiring Junk Shot.  Our crew will have the knowledge and know-how when it comes to:

More hands means less stress for you.  Just use yours to point out what you want moved and where.  Junk Shot’s Bradenton, FL hauling and moving services can be scheduled through the Junk Shot app, by filling out our online form, or by calling (941) 487-0747.