Start the New Year with a Clean, Organized Home

The new year brings feels of renewal, energy, and revitalization to many. It’s a time to assess where you’ve been over the past 365 days, and where you’d like to be after 365 more. If cleaning and organizing your home is on your to-do list this year, here are five tips to help you tackle this big project.

Take It One Room at a Time

Instead of looking at your entire home as one big mess, commit to working on one room at a time. How you prioritize the rooms is up to you. Maybe you like to tackle the difficult things first, so start with the room that needs the most help. If you prefer to start small and build up confidence, go for the room that you can complete in a single weekend.

Enlist Some Help

Doing it all on your own is an easy way to burn yourself out and ensure that you only complete one room in your home before giving up entirely. Enlist the help of your partner, children, parents, or friends to make the job a bit easier. Give each person a task to accomplish, set up a day to come over, and reward them with pizza or drinks after a day of hard work.

Keep Like Items Together

When it comes time to organize, do your best to keep similar items together. For example, store all your dishes near the dishwasher so it’s easy to put them away. Keep all your towels in a bathroom or linen closet. Store all your shoes in the same area so you’re not constantly going from room to room looking for the right pair.

Try Organizing Shelves and Boxes

Don’t be afraid to install shelving in a closest to maximize space or add a peg board and hooks to the wall of the garage. Keep your important papers in a filing box in the office. Sort scarves, socks, and other small items into color coded bins in your closet or dresser drawers. You can even store out of season clothing in large but shallow storage totes under the bed.

Schedule Junk Removal

There’s no doubt you’ll find some things in your home that you’re more than happy to get rid of. Whether it’s clothes you haven’t worn in a decade, beat up pots and pans from the kitchen, or the 3 extra hammers that you just don’t use, you’re probably going to be creating a big pile of junk. This is especially true if you’ll be doing any renovating.

Save yourself some time and hassle by scheduling junk removal services to come by your house, load up your junk, and haul it away for you to the appropriate recycling center or local dump. You can download the JunkShot app on your iPhone or Android, or just give us a call! Once we know what you’ve got to get rid of, we can provide you with a quote and schedule a time to come pick it up for you.