Battery Recycling Made Easy

At Junk Shot, we get asked all the time how to properly recycle batteries. Are they safe to throw in the trash? Do I need to drop them off at a facility? If so, do I need to make an appointment at said facility? We want to take the guesswork out of battery recycling by giving you a comprehensive list of dos and don’ts. Below are four tips to help you get rid of unwanted batteries.

1. Yes, You Can Throw Away Single-Use Batteries

With the exception of California, where it’s illegal to throw away batteries of any kind, you can dispose of single-use alkaline batteries by throwing them in the trash. These batteries — which range in size from AAA to 9 volt — are the most commonly used to power almost all household electronics. Although you should always try to find a place to recycle batteries, we know that sometimes it’s not an option. So if throwing batteries out is your only option, chuck away.

2. Some Batteries Cannot Go in the Trash

Rechargeable and car batteries are the most common types of batteries that can and should be recycled. The former contains nickel and cadmium compounds which are terrible for the environment when not disposed of properly.  In addition to these compounds, car batteries contain lead and acid that pose serious health risks if thrown out with the rest of your trash. Those elements could leach into the soil and groundwater near your home or your local landfill and contaminate drinking water and damage crops. It’s your responsibility to keep your community safe by doing your best to ensure these reach the proper recycling facilities. 

3. Here’s How to Recycle Batteries

Your local recycling plant is your one-stop battery disposal shop. If for some reason that is out of reach, there are alternatives. Major hardware retailers like Home Depot and Lowes offer battery recycling at many of their brick and mortar locations. To find the full list visit Call2Recycle. If you are unable to donate in person, the Big Green Box allows you to send in your batteries to be recycled for a flat rate. For larger batteries, like the one used in your vehicle, ask your automotive repair worker if they will recycle your old battery when they are swapping it out for a new one.

4. Let The Pros At Junk Shot Handle It

Don’t want to have anything to do with the recycling process? No problem. Let the pros at Junk Shot haul away all of the used batteries. No sorting. No searching for a location. Just download the app, snap a few pictures of your trash, and let our team of sanitation experts remove and recycle everything. 

Download the Junk Shot app today or contact us at 855-297-5865.