Retail & Office Furniture Removal

You’ve Got Your Bradenton, FL Business To Run let us handle furniture removal

Operating a business already has enough challenges without including retail and office furniture removal into the mix.  It can be easy to accumulate a number of old chairs, desks, and electronics.  Shelving, boxes, coolers, and registers can add up too. Your employee’s time is too valuable to be spent hauling items to the dumpster and sorting through junk. Instead, let Junk Shot of Bradenton, FL come in.  We’ll provide a competitive price, and do all the hauling and disposal for you.

Don’t Rely On A Roll-Off

Most municipal waste management companies won’t allow bulky furniture in the dumpster unless it’s broken down.  Renting a roll off container can be unsightly and expensive, not to mention your employees would still have to do the work to fill it.

Junk Shot’s bigger trucks mean better pricing, and you can fit just as much junk in them as a 20 yard roll-off container.  However, you only pay for the space you use.  Best of all, the Junk Shot crew will do all the furniture removal, donating, recycling, and disposal work for you.  Whatever doesn’t need to make it to a landfill will be recycled or donated locally.

Point, Shoot, Haul

By downloading the Junk Shot app, all you simply need to do is snap a few pictures of the junk you want removed and we can provide you with an instant free quote.  You can also contact us by phone at (941) 487-0747 or fill out the form on our website.  Retail and office furniture removal doesn’t need to be costly or impede upon your employee’s time. Reach out to Junk Shot of Bradenton, FL today.