Event Cleanup Services

Keeping your site clean during and after the event in Bradenton, FL

At Junk Shot of Bradenton, FL, we do site set up and event cleanup services at concerts, street festivals, golf tournaments, parks, fairs, public areas, parties, corporate events, marathons, sports events, paintball tournaments, film shoots, film festivals, and entertainment venues.  Our team can coordinate equipment, active management, site logistics, and skilled labor to ensure a clean site for your event.

Reclaim Your Home or Your Deposit

Just as you would do with other aspects of the event, such as catering, it’s time to call in the professionals. What may take you, the average event host, days to do will take the efficient and experienced team mere hours! There are two scenarios when it comes to hosting an event, and both make a cleanup service vital:

  1. The first possibility is that you are having an event at your home. Well, that’s fine, but once the event is over, you need your home back. You cannot have the remains of an event just sort of living on. A cleanup service can come in and give you your home back.
  2. The second scenario is that your event is at a venue, be it a restaurant, hotel, convention center, or municipal space. In this case, cleanup is mandatory, as you need to restore the space to exactly how you found it, in order for the venue to continue business as usual. Often, money is involved here, as some sort of deposit holding fee may be charged and only returned when the space is found in good condition. You can lose a great deal of money if the space is left less than tidy. Therefore, it’s a wise idea to get a cleanup crew in to make the place spotless once again.

Experts at Event Set Up & Tear Down

As part of our event cleanup services, we will meet with you before the event starts to ensure the premise and location meet your existing standards for cleanliness. We will then continue to deal with the developing waste and litter situation by removing the trash during the event- with a focus on recycling as much as we can! After the event concludes, we’ll ensure the location is returned to its pre-event state.  AWS staff is dedicated to finding the calm in the chaos so that your event runs smoothly.

You worry about the perfect centerpiece or coordinating the event’s entertainment, we’ll worry about the trash.  Contact Junk Shot of Bradenton, FL for a free quote by downloading our app, filling out our online form, or giving us a call at (941) 487-0747.

Special Event Cleanup FAQ

What tasks does your cleanup crew perform?

  • site set up
  • site tear down
  • pre-clean
  • post-clean
  • cleaning attendants
  • trash removal
  • party clean up
  • event attendants
  • power spraying
  • power sweeping services
  • vacuum sweeping
  • sidewalk sweeping
  • recycling services
  • porter services
  • busboy services

Who should use an Event Cleaning Service?

If you’re having a large enough event, say over 30 people, event cleanup services are definitely worth considering. If your event is over 100 people, it is not just worth considering, it’s necessary. So many stresses are involved with event planning and hosting, the service will ease a huge part of the hosting workload. Think of the luxury and convenience of being able to be done with your event when it ends, not a day later.

What are the benefits of an Event Cleaning Service?

Everything is done for you! All you have to do is host the event, and you’ll have a team there to help. When that event ends, your work as host is done. A group of efficient professionals come in and make your space as good as new. These services are offered as package rates so you can choose what services you need depending on your budget. In other words, you do not have to worry about sacrificing this amazing convenience. According to what you want to spend, start with the basic cleaning and go from there.

What are the risks of an Event Cleaning Service?

You’ll have to figure out something to do with all that spare time!

Scheduling Services Is Easy

You have several options when it comes to scheduling your event cleanup services. The best way is to download our Junk Shot app for an instant free quote. You can also contact us via our online form or give us a phone call at (941) 487-0747.