Junk Removal Pricing

Convenient & Affordable Junk Removal in San Antonio, TX

We take pleasure in providing transparent and simple pricing. You will always get a free, no-obligation quote for the work before we start. Using the calculator below, you can estimate the cost of our services based on load size and compare them to our competitors. Please be aware that additional fees may apply for labor and other disposal-related surcharges.

For the most up-to-date information on how to modify our junk removal services to meet your needs, please contact our San Antonio office. Your particular needs and requirements will determine the cost of each junk removal operation.

Cost Estimator

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Items that may require a surcharge

*Prices include all Labor and Disposal fees. Our team will give you a No-Obligation Price Quote On-site.
5 gallon buckets of compound, stucco, adhesive powder
Bed bug protective materials
Boxes for small donatable items (if packaged yourself no surcharge will apply)
Bubble wrap
Cast Iron Tub
Cinder block
Computer Monitor’s, CPU’s, TV’s
Concrete (bags)
Contractor bags
Drill bits, saw blades
Freon Appliances (Fridge, A/C’s, Dehumidifiers)
Furnace/Water Heaters
Hot Tubs
Miscellaneous dense materials
Paint Cans
Pool Table
Projection TV
Propane Tanks (small & empty)
Riding Mowers (with gas and oil drained)
Sheet rock (large)
Sheet rock (small)
Sleeper Sofas
Tires w/ Rims

Download the Junk Shot app today and speak with an expert about your junk hauling needs. You can also reach us by calling 210-939-9576.