Our Junk Hauling Locations

Serving Our Local Communities & The Environment

Junk Shot is committed to helping local residents, multi-family communities, and businesses reclaim their space and keep them free of junk.  The city of Richmond is steeped in history and is known as the site where Patrick Henry so famously gave his “Give me liberty, or give me death!” speech. Richmond is a modern city that still feels historic, with vibrant nightlife, diverse employment opportunities, and a wide variety of festivals and activities for people of all ages, all packed into a historic city giving visitors a small hometown feeling.

With a location that allows for the full experience of all four seasons, Richmond is perfect for anyone wanting to experience the great outdoors! From the nature trails to the restaurant scene, to music, arts, and sporting events, Richmond, VA has something for everyone!

How We Help

Removing junk isn’t all we do to help our local communities…

Donation-  We do what we can to donate gently used furniture, electronics, and appliances to local shelters and donation centers.  

Recycling- Whatever can’t be donated is then broken down and sorted for recycling to prevent as much materials as possible from going into a landfill.  This helps to protect the environment, which also protects our communities.  We try to recycle 80% of the items that we haul.

Efficiency- Our trucks have the capacity equal to a 20 yard roll-off container, and our junk hauling crew knows how to get the maximum amount of junk packed into them.  This means we’re using less fuel to get your junk where it needs to.  Plus, the fuel we use is biodiesel, which means cleaner emissions and further protection to the environment.

Reach Out Today

The best way to reach out to Junk Shot is to download our Junk Shot App and send us pictures of what you want removed.  Our team will be able to give you a free quote based on what you send, and our on-site crew will further evaluate the area to give you your final quote.

You can also reach out for junk hauling services by filling out our online form or giving us a call at 804-805-5022.